What is Pharmacy Technician (An Assistant Pharmacist)

A pharmacy technician can be described as an assistant pharmacist, but his job responsibilities are a step higher than that of a pharmacist aide.  The main difference between pharmacy technician and pharmacist aide is that a pharmacist is required to have a degree in pharmacy, while a technician is not burdened with the same responsibilities and requirements. A pharmacy technician is someone who is supposed to be have a working knowledge of medicine and drugs. Knowing the intricacies of drug administration whenever the pharmacist is not around is also required from the pharmacy technician.

The technical aspect of the technician’s job is such that one ought to possess good organizational skills, and these are exhibited by how well they are able to label medicine bottles, and also being able to categorize them under different names and groups. A pharmacy technician who does not have the required concentration when carrying out the task can lead to fatalities when it comes to patients. This is because a wrong one hundred milliliter label on a two hundred milliliter bottle could be disastrous to a patient.

Pharmacy technicians are the same people who are required to supply aid to the licensed pharmacists within a given locality. It is therefore required that a qualified pharmacy technician should have the knowledge to suggest alternative drugs for over-the-counter type of medication. But worth some attention is that this type of worker is only responsible for suggesting and not prescribing alternative drugs. Prescription is the sole duty of a qualified and licensed pharmacist.

The duties of a pharmacy technician, in some other cases does overlap with those of  a pharmacy aide, and as such it ought not come as a surprise to the technician when  asked to carry out certain tasks which are clearly off their jurisdiction.  It is important to bear in mind that there are a number of tasks meant for a pharmacy aide that a technician can be able to perform, but the vice-versa is not always the case. This is to mean that an aide might not perform most of the technician’s duties.